One evening, while I was feeling especially nostalgic, I pulled out a bunch of old family photos. As I flipped through the prints, I noticed something was missing. I started scanning every image, searching but never finding what I was convinced had to exist. Out of the scores of pics I flipped through, I couldn't find one childhood photo of just me with my mom. Not one! Sure, there were plenty of group family photos with me and mom there but there wasn't one single image of me as a little girl with mom that didn't include other people. The realization that I'd never be able to make this a reality hit me like an 18 wheeler. All hopes of seeing me and mom together when I was 3, 7, 12, those were gone.

Thinking about my own story, I wanted to create a brand that focused on capturing the bond between couples, parents and their children as well as individuals as they enjoy themselves around the world. Those are the moments and bonds that bring my clients the most joy. Those are the moments I love witnessing. That’s the kind of photography I create for a living. That’s what you can expect when partnering with me for a lifestyle photography experience.

There are some things I just don't do

The thing about being in this business is making sure that I’m being clear about the kind of work I create. People hear the word ‘photographer’ and think ‘a person who takes pics of things…anything’. That’s not the case here friends. The only way for me to be really good at what I do is not to try and master every genre of work out there. And to be completely honest, I don’t want to be a Jill of all trades. Specializing in lifestyle and experience based photography allows me to hone in on my storytelling skills and create unique images for my clients. I'm sure some of you may be reading this thinking, 'ok, but what exactly are you talking about Gernelle? Make it plain G!'

Ok, Ok I'll make it plain

I don't photograph Backdrop Studio Portraits. My sessions happen out in the world.

I don't photograph Birth/Labor images. I'm happy to refer someone to you for these!

I don't photograph Cake Smash sessions. But I'm happy to take lifestyle shots to celebrate your child's birthday.

I don't photograph Family Reunions. My sessions work best with small groups.

I don't photograph Real Estate, Office buildings or products. My work is all about people, their personal style and experiences.

I don't take Corporate Headshots. However, I'm happy to create a personal brand session for you.

I don't photograph Conferences. Are you trying to torture me?

I don't photograph Concerts. Though I would love to capture your time at a music festival.

I don't photograph Food or provide Food Styling. Foods aren't people, LOL.

I don't photograph Large Weddings. I'm happy to capture an intimate wedding or elopement!

It ain't for everybody

I understand that not everyone has yet embraced the idea of candid experience based photography and can only imagine a scenario that involves a backdrop, traditional poses and 'perfect' smiles. That's ok. I know that choosing this as a specialty means I will be turning down a lot of business in the beginning. That's ok too. Once people understand the heart of my work, those whose vision resonates with mine are going to seek me out. Until then, my goal is to show and tell as many people as I can about my passion for storytelling.

If you are looking for a photography experience that differs from what you've done in past years, one that captures authentic emotions and moments, consider this your personal invitation to reach out to me today for a consultation.