What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography is a new concept for many people so, to get your creative ideas flowing, I’ve created a list of experiences that would be great choices for a true lifestyle photography session. Don’t limit yourself to a local parks or botanical gardens. It’s time to think outside of that box!

This is not just another photo shoot. I’m going to photograph you living your best life, have fun or chilling with someone special. Kinda like a personal paparazzi or a fly on the wall. You won’t spend the whole time trying to strike or hold poses but I will be sure to snag a few of you looking at the camera. The majority of the time, you’ll pretend I’m not there unless you need a little inspiration or help figuring out what to do next. Still not catching what I’m throwing? Well then… 

Here are some scenarios that are the perfect opportunity for lifestyle photographs to be taken:

  • Snacking your way through the Texas State Fair.
  • Jumping in the pool with your husband on the first day of your honeymoon in Los Angeles or abroad.
  • Building a gingerbread house with your daughters at home.
  • Exploring the streets of Havana, Cuba.
  • Having brunch with your best friend in Austin. 
  • Swimming and kicking up sand at the beach.
  • Grabbing lattes with your sisters
  • A romantic cabin getaway with your fiancé
  • Taking your dog for a long hike at the Nature Preserve
  • Riding camels in Dubai 

As you can see, lifestyle photographs require actual experiences.

Yes, we are going to take some time for a few traditionally posed images. Yes, I will give guidance and direction. And yes, you’re gonna spend the majority of our time together enjoying yourself or having fun with the ones you love. If you want to upgrade your photography experience with a Lifestyle Session, contact me today.