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Men take a group pic on the beach while vacationing in Dubai. Vacation photography by Gernelle Nelson.
Beautiful black woman stands near surf and jet-ski shack by a man made ocean in Dubai. Vacation photo by Gernelle Nelson
Veronica Stewart of Vrons World travels the world with other black millennials. World travel photo by Gernelle Nelson.
Man dressed in traditional attire admires the skyline in Dubai. Photo taken by adventure photographer Gernelle Nelson.
In Dubai, skyscrapers surround the beaches. Hire Gernelle Nelson to photograph your next adventure.
Exploring the country of Cuba was life changing. Gernelle Nelson photographs life's little and grand adventures.
Black women enjoying a cooking class at Culinary Boutique in Dubai. Adventure photography by Gernelle Nelson.
Chef puts the finishing touches on his student's meals. Fun photos by Gernelle Nelson.
Three stylish friends meet up for drinks at XO Coffee in Plano, TX. - Photo by Gernelle Nelson Lifestyle Photographer
Show off your style as you have fun with friends. Gernelle Nelson captures everyday adventures with her photography.