“Gernelle was very sweet to work with. She captures the fun moments.”

I photograph Adventures and ELOPEMENTS

My trip to Havana was a turning point in my photography journey. I photographed a group of 12 people as they experienced the sights, sounds and culture of the Cuban people. We learned salsa and danced all night under the stars. We swam away from the shore and snorkeled above a sunken ship. We learned about the history of AfroCuban religion and visited the home of a Sanatorian Priest. We were taught how to make Cuban cuisine in the backyard of a hardworking woman who turned her dreams of owning a restaurant into a reality. It was incredible! By the end of the journey, my clients had irreplaceable photographs of their trip and I had found my calling.

I’ve always wanted to be apart of projects that spark joy and bring people closer together. But I don't want to stick to the status quo of park bridges and corny poses. I want to capture something real. I want to tell the stories of real people while they explore the world, fall in love and have unforgettable experiences. Being an adventure photographer allows me to combine my love of travel, art and romance. The easiest way of explaining my speciality is this; I photograph real people, in real places, doing real things. Even though it’s a creative job, it’s not always fun and photos. I work hard, I love my clients & I love the life I’m creating for myself. I want the pictures we create together to remind you to live your life to the fullest.


Never forget to make room for good times. Date nights, road trips, local events, travels abroad and cozy nights at home can give you the energy you need to face the world every day. These moments are what my clients love having photographed! Seeing moments like these remind us that we have an amazing life and no matter what random issues pop up, we have something wonderful to be grateful for.

Gernelle Nelson, adventure photographer, lounges on the couch in her studio apartment.

Fun Facts About Me

  • The 'Ger' is pronounced like Germany. Say it with me 'Gernelle'.
  • I love thrift shopping and putting together outfits.
  • My mantras for life are 'Experiences over Things' and 'Present is better than Perfect'
  • My favorite foods are spicy ramen, lemon sorbet and vegan nachos.
  • I love walking, biking and hope to take up hiking (BARS!)
  • I'm a big fan of Studio Ghibli, Pixar and Disney films.
  • I hope to create my own graphic novels in the future.