Every FAQ I could think of, LOL!

How much do your photoshoots cost?

My lifestyle collections range between $375 and $1690. Tap the Book Now button above this section to book a consultation and receive more details.

I want this shoot to be a whole mood. Any ideas?

I’ve got you covered! I’ve got so many ideas but we’ll start by listing what’s most important to you. The more I learn about you - your personality, hobbies, pet peeves - the more personalized your session will become. I spend time creating mood boards and session guides so every single client feels prepared, has a fun photo shoot and gets images they love.

I'm not sure how to pose. Help!!!

No worries, help is on the way! During your session, I will continuously guide you into actions and poses. You'll feel natural, playful, stylish and maybe even sexy!

Can you help me choose a location?

If you're not sure what kind of environment you'd like to be photographed in, I can help. Most of my sessions happen in the DFW metroplex. However, I love traveling and I’m happy to go anywhere (thus far, the coolest places I’ve been are Cuba and Dubai!). Travel expenses such as gas mileage and accommodations may apply, depending on the time and place of your session.

How far in advance can I book my session?

I suggest booking your session at least one week in advance to allow for preparation time. The more you want to have captured - multiple outfits, more than 2 people, multiple locations - the more beneficial further advance bookings.

To book your session, a $150 non-refundable retainer is required. The remaining balance must be paid 7 days before your session date. If your session falls within one week of booking, the full amount will be required at the time of purchase.

Can we shoot anywhere? What about studio or location fees?

Some locations require permission, rental fee or paid permits before a session can take place. Others have restrictions on what can be brought in for a shoot and how long it will last. Any studio rental or location permit fees required for a location must be obtained and paid for by the client before the session.

Can I buy more images in advance?

You sure can. If you know you want more than the included number of files in a collection, you are welcome to purchase more images in advance.

What if I only want one photo? Or I don’t want the 8x10 that comes with the session?

Your session fee will remain the same whether you select 1 or all 5 included images in my Belle Collection at reveal time. The same applies to opting out of the 8x10 print. After your session is over, simply select one image and you're done.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my session?

A 48 hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule your session. There is no fee to reschedule as long as a venue or studio rental was not included in your session. Most venues and studios do not give any refunds or options to reschedule. Should you decide to cancel your session, all but the $150 retainer will be refunded. If notice is not given in 48 hours, or you do not come to your session, you will not receive a refund.

What if I'm late to the shoot?

I will wait for you at our agreed location for the duration of your scheduled session. However, in the case of a sunset session, I cannot guarantee ideal lighting if you do not arrive on time. The sun waits for no one! Because my sessions typically last 30 minutes to an hour, it’s imperative to arrive on time. Being tardy means you will not have enough time to change into multiple outfits, visit different areas of the location or have as many images to choose from during your image reveal.

What if I usually hate the way I look in pictures?

Then I suggest a complimentary consultation before you book a session. We are going to have a heart to heart conversation about your self-perception in photos. I’m going to ask several questions so I can figure out what you love and dislike about the photos other people have taken of you. If you decide to proceed with the shoot, I’ll apply what I’ve learned during your session.

HOWEVER, (and I put that in caps for a reason)... no photographer can change your perspective for you. Beauty and love comes from within. If you haven’t yet reached a place where you are ready to show yourself some self love and acceptance via photographs, I highly suggest you focus on self care and leave the photoshoot for another time.

After the shoot, how long untill I see the pics?

As early as 2 days! After your session comes what I like to call “Reveal and Chill”. I will remove duplicates as well as the shots where you blinked, sneezed or were speaking mid sentence. You will see all of the images that remain (typically 30 to 50).

We can schedule a your reveal in person or virtually.

Then what happens?

Your 5 selected images will be color corrected, straightened and retouched. You’ll receive a download link for your digital files the next day. Your 8x10 print can be selected using that same gallery link. Your gallery will remain online for 30 days. All additional images selected during your Reveal and Chill will be delivered once your invoice has been paid in full.

What kind of retouching is included?

Softening/removal of scars and acne, softening/removal of distractions from the background and flyaway hair management. Your skin texture will remain intact.

Softening/removal of facial wrinkles and teeth whitening can be purchased for an additional $40 per image. I do not offer outfit alterations (outside of spot removal), hair enhancements or body sculpting as a form of retouching. The best results happen when a client shows up with their attire pressed, their face beat and hair on fleek (for those who don't speak millennial, come camera ready!).

What rights come with my photos?

As my client, you have the right to print, post and store your images indefinitely. You cannot trademark or sell them as a product. As the photographer, I retain the rights to use any image I take to promote my business without client notification or approval.

If you do not want your images used to promote my photography business, you can purchase exclusive rights to your images individually for $500 or collectively for $5000.

Can I buy the RAW files?

Yes, you can purchase each RAW image file for $800.

Need more info?

Fill out my contact form below or save time and send me a text message: 972-364-7815.