A New Perspective

Not Your Average Photoshoot

I often meet men, women and girls who are reluctant to be on camera. It’s not because they don’t like the way they look. My clients don’t like forcing smiles while posing unnaturally. I feel the same way!

That's why my photography is centered around you doing things you enjoy and interacting with the ones you love in real environments. For some, that means capturing their vacation abroad. For others, it's documenting a family trip to the zoo. What does it mean to you?

Tell me how you want to be photographed. Contact Me.

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Capture something real.

These photographs are going to be a true reflection of your personality, relationships and the ways you experience the world. It's time to leave the park bridge pics behind.

Start thinking about the ways you enjoy spending your time. Take a trip abroad. Go dancing or snorkeling if that makes your heart flutter with excitement. I’ll be at your side capturing every moment. The more you enjoy yourselves, the more authentic your images become.

Together we’ll create and capture authentic experiences unlike any photography session you’ve had in the past.