01 / 09

A New Perspective

Authentic. Natural. Active. Stylish.

Let's go beyond the generic park photos and capture your life in its truest form. Go on a romantic date. Make cookies with the kids. Take a trip out of town or overseas. Hike in a nature preserve with friends.

My clients don’t like forcing smiles while posing unnaturally. I feel the same way! That's why my photography is centered around you doing things you enjoy. No need to pose, unless you want to.

Capture something real
When you hire Gernelle Nelson, you can focus on having fun during your travels. She'll take care of the photos.

“I LOVED working with Gernelle. My images look beautiful, natural, and exactly what I'd hoped for. I can't recommend her enough!!”

Life. style. Photography.

Capture something real.

These photographs are going to be a true reflection of your personality, relationships and the ways you experience the world. I dare you to leave the park bridge behind and explore other options for your photographs.

Start thinking about the ways you enjoy spending your time.

Go dancing or snorkeling if that makes your heart flutter with excitement. Take a trip abroad. Take your family to the Texas State Fair. The more you enjoy yourselves, the more authentic your images become.

Together we’ll create and capture authentic experiences unlike any photography session you’ve had in the past.