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“From our first conversation we knew Gernelle was the one. We even cancelled another photographer! She coordinated everything. Our family will forever be grateful for her expertise. We love you Gernelle!”

You are Enough

Just as you are. No Filter.

Several studies have concluded that the use of face and body altering photo editing has negative effects on one's mental health. These filters and retouching techniques increase feelings of body shame, inadequacy and depression, especially in young and middle aged women.

I want you to love your images, knowing that the person you see in the photos is the same one you see in the mirror. I will remove acne and scars by request but your general appearance will remain authentic.

Read about My Ethical Approach to Retouching Photographs

Let's be Partners for Life

I want to be your forever photographer. The person you call for all your celebrations and milestones. When you welcome a baby or child into your home. When your daughter turns 16. When your kids graduate. When it's your anniversary. When the holidays arrive. When your son gets engaged. Let's capture all of your treasured moments together, year after year.