As a photographer, I often meet men, women and girls who are reluctant to be on camera. It’s not because they don’t like the way they look; they don’t like forcing or faking smiles while standing or sitting in unnatural positions for an hour or two. They’d rather be free to make a memory with the ones they love. I feel the same way! It’s much more fun to get to know people and capture authentic experiences in fun environments. It’s also easy for everyone involved.

Here’s a few questions

to help you decide if lifestyle photography is perfect for you.

  1. Do you want to do something fun on camera instead of be posed the whole time?
  2. Do you want authentic smiles and emotions to shine through in the pictures?
  3. Is there something you love doing together that selfies just can’t capture?

If you answer yes to all three of these questions, you’ve found your ideal photoshoot experience!

A Christmas Mommy and Me Session 

Let’s say you want to have holiday photos taken with your little girl at home like Marlisa and Lily, her sweet six year old. After we took a few staged photos of them by the Christmas tree, two of them built a gingerbread house together while I captured the memories. This is what Marlisa had to say about her mommy and me lifestyle session:

“You really captured my daughter’s personality in these photos! She had so much fun, she asked if you could come over and play again some day, hahaha. I loved the experience and the way my photos turned out. Thank you so much!”

Need ideas for your lifestyle session?

Let’s meet up! I’ll help you create the perfect experience, just in time for the holiday season. Call or text me at 972-364-7815 to schedule a chat now. No strings attached, no purchase necessary.