Now that I’ve changed my photography focus to social, travel and elopement experiences, a lot of people have been asking me about the process. Having a personal paparazzi sounds cool but what does that look like when you’re taking a trip to New York or Bali or maybe Japan? In this blog, I’m going to attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions on what to expect when taking a photographer with you on vacation. Specifically, this is what you can expect when you hire me to document your travel experiences.

Before we leave, we’ll create a game plan.

You’re on vacation and relaxation is a top priority. With that in mind, we will plan for periods of photo free downtime. The last thing I want to do is intrude on your sweet solitude. I too will need time to recuperate each day. With this in mind, we’ll plan for 8 ‘active hours’ to be photographed each day. These are the times on your trip where you’ll be in beautiful surroundings and have no doubt that you want captured. You may decide to go on excursions or mini adventures to local attractions and activities. We’ll leave room for spontaneous opportunities outside of those 8 hours as well.

I’ll always be nearby to capture the moments.

Whether you’re staying in a hotel, Airbnb or on camp grounds, I will be just a few doors away. I can’t capture the moments if I’m not around. I like staying in the same hotel or on the same property with you so we can easily meet up, take the same transportation to your excursions and if you suddenly have the urge to be photographed, I can easily get to where you are. Some accommodations come with beautiful living quarters and breathtaking views. We can capture these environments during the early mornings and sunset when everything looks golden. You won’t have to search for me or wait for me to arrive from some place across town. Sharing an Uber or riding together in your vehicle will save you time and ensure that I don’t miss anything. 

Your photos will be ready to view the next day!

For each day that we document together, I’ll create a gallery online where you can view, share and download the photos taken on the previous day. One of the best things about going on vacation is sharing it with your friends and family via social media. Instead of waiting a few weeks after you arrive back home, you can post vibrant photos of yourselves in Fiji while you’re still in Fiji! At the end of your trip, I’ll design a digital and physical album for you to relive these moments wherever you go.

If you have other questions around being photographed while on your next vacation or honeymoon, don’t hesitate to ask in a comment or contact me directly for more information. Here’s what Diego had to say about his experience working with me in Dubai last year:

I was extremely impressed at how quickly she edited and uploaded the images! Outside of photography, I felt we had good friendly interactions. We were able to joke with one another, grab lunch and explore the city together. We also went on early morning trips.

Thinking of adding photography to your travel plans? Contact me now to start planning your next adventure. I’d love to personally document your road trip, cross country or international journey abroad. Where are you going on your next trip? Let me know in the comments.