capture your lifestyle at home

Before you get started, first designate a couple of areas in your home that would be great for photos. I find that places with ample natural light, like the kitchen, back patio, and sitting rooms work best. If you need some help figuring out the best spots in your home for a lifestyle experience, I’m happy to help! Once that's done, start prepping with these tips.

Step One: Clear all counters and flat surfaces

If you’re using your kitchen, put away any dishes and unneeded appliances from the counter tops. While they may ‘live’ there on a daily basis, crowded counters may appear cluttered in your images. Keep counter items to a minimum, only allowing things that express the feeling of your home out for display. Plants, fresh herbs and fresh fruits always look inviting and cosy. Consider hanging decorative oven mitts or towels from your stove to add a festive appeal. 

For bookshelves or desks, similar rules apply. Clear your dressers, desk and any table-like surfaces of anything that may appear out of place or crowded. We want the focus to be on you, not your stuff. Don’t forget to stand back to see if you can see underneath these areas of your home. If you can, clear those areas so it doesn’t look like you’ve stuffed everything down there in a rush. Once you’ve cleared your flat surfaces, wipe them down to get rid of dust or smudges.

Step Two: Hide your trash cans

This sounds funny but it’s not to be ignored! Most trash cans aren’t cute and even the ones that are still look like… well garbage pails. When you see one in a photo, the smell of rotten tomatoes may come to mind. We don’t need that! Temporarily hiding your trash cans and pails in the bathroom or out in the garage will free up some space in your home and make the room look bigger and clean.

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to move the furniture around. Making the furniture face the windows or moving them back can open up a space and give the images a visual boost.

Step Three: Feature a variety of textures and patterns on your furniture

The quickest way to make a room look stylish is to add a textured or patterned element. Placing fuzzy throws on your sofa will make them look more cozy. A patterned pillow or two add charm. A well placed textile rug on the wall or floor instantly makes the space look comfortable and earthy. To keep things from looking visually ‘noisy’ choose monochromatic colors so the patterns and textures remain calming in your sight. Using start contrasts can quickly make a space look lively and childlike if you’re not careful. A pop of color from one or two items is all you need, which brings me to my last tip.


Let’s say the majority of items in a room are beige and brown. By choosing a burnt orange, muted green or cream colored outfit, your wardrobe will compliment the space. If you want to stand out in this room, wear a pastel or jewel toned (navy, emerald, royal purple) outfit. The idea behind choosing the right outfit is making sure you look like you belong in that space, your space. Making your wardrobe ‘fit in’ with the elements of your home gives your images a harmonious feeling. If you want to snack, cuddle up or play during your session, choosing items in the same color family as your wardrobe or space will have a satisfying effect as well.

Styling your home for a shoot is easy

You don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of items. In fact, the less things cluttering up your space the more calming they become. By clearing and wiping down surfaces, hiding unneeded appliances and incorporating textures and patterns, your space will look cozy and stylish. Would you like some ideas on how to make the best of your space before a photoshoot? Contact me today for a complimentary consultation. I’ll help you come up with ideas for what to do during your home session as well.