Starting Over

I’ve decided to begin talking to you through videos on my Youtube Channel and blog posts here on my website. Yes, I realize this is about to be way more work added to my normal routine but if it let’s me engage with you gals on a deeper level, I’m all for it. And if we’ve never met, hi, I’m Gernelle Nelson, international lifestyle photographer.

Building this business has been a joy, hurricane and a trip! After being full time for three years, photographing couples and lots of weddings for very little income, I decided to regroup and rebrand myself a bit. Seven months ago, I picked up a day job so I could have income while I figured out what kind of photographer I wanted to be. Here’s what I learned.

My favorite people to work with are women, girls and couples. So that’s who I’ll focus on photographing. I don’t really care for those super posed, generic shots you see plastered all over the internet (though I’m guilty of creating a few!!).  I’m going to find ways to incorporate an activity into each shoot so instead of posing awkwardly, you’re doing something you enjoy. I’m going to capture glimpses of your life and be sure you’re dressed to impress.

Life. Style. Photography. Get it?

Lastly, I’m happy to capture intimate marriage ceremonies, destination weddings (which by nature are small) and elopements. No more trying to fit large group photos into a ten minute slot. No more rushing a couple to ‘perform for the camera’ because the limo has been waiting for 10 minutes and is going to charge extra. We’re going to take our time. You’re going to enjoy every exciting, endearing, romantic moment.

A few weeks ago, I decreased my hours at my day job so I could spend a few days a week diving into my business. I’ve been networking like crazy but there’s still so much more to do. From now on, I’m going to share a little piece of my journey every week. You’re gonna see the real sides of Gernelle Nelson, no filter. Thanks for your support, please keep bringing the love.