Taking a trip?

Would you like someone else to take care of the vacation photos so you can focus on having a blast? You’ll get a great deal if you’re going to one of the places on my list! If you need to know what to expect when booking me for to document your trip, check out this blog post that I wrote about it. You might have noticed that I love to travel after browsing my website. Well, I figured I may as well rope in some business while I’m off to see the world! I’ve seen a few other professionals do something like this so I’m following suite by creating my own list of places that I want to photograph people having adventures or eloping. If you happen to be going to one of these places, I’ll lower my booking retainer so you’ll save some cash and I’ll get to see another part of this planet we call home.

Oh the places I want to go.

Some of my top places include US National Parks, tropical islands and big cities. New York is on my list, even though I’ve visited once before. It would be a dream to photograph someone exploring time square, chilling in Central Park and taking a ferry to Staton Island. To be honest, I want to do those things myself! The last time I was there, I spent most of my time in the financial district in an office that hardly had any windows. I managed to take two walks around the area my hotel was located but there is so much more I want to see. 

Aside from looking around, I want to make connections with local businesses and find out what kinds of partnerships I can create while I’m there. New York is a city that always has something awesome happening. I’d love to document some of the unique and exciting events that happen in NYC while creating useful content for any of my followers who want to visit (whether they book me or not). 

Here’s my Destination Bucket List, in no particular order.

Austin, Maui, Juneau, Kauai, Miami 

Adirondacks, Moab, Myrtle Beach, Kissimmee, Savannah 

Ibiza, Playa Hermosa, Santorini, Paris (FRANCE!), Amsterdam

Cape Town, Singapore, Bali, Tokyo, the Maldives

Bora Bora, New York City, Barbados, Dubrovnik, Milan

Costa Rica, Lisbon, Waikato, Rio de Janeiro, Barbados

Santiago, Copenhagen, Seoul, Providencia, Molokai

Cinque Terre, Zermatt, Cairns, Kyoto, Okinawa

National Parks I want to visit

Yosemite, Grand Teton, Zion, Grand Canyon

Sequoia, Rocky Mountain, North Cascades, Shenandoah, Big Bend

Channel Islands, Pecos National Park