Love, life & laughter

When you have a small celebration, you can have as much fun as you like. Go to the beach, explore a new country or simply share a meal with loved ones. I'll capture each moment in a non intrusive way that allows you to focus on enjoying yourselves.

Lovers & intimate weddings

Beautiful same sex elopement image by Gernelle Nelson, award winning adventure photographer.
Elopements are becoming more popular among African American couples. Photo by Gernelle Nelson
Beautiful black couple enjoy their vacation in Dubai. Honeymoon photo by Gernelle Nelson.
Black couple visits the Great Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Elopement and adventure photo by Gernelle Nelson
Couple dances in the street in Adriatica Village. Travel photography by award winning photographer Gernelle Nelson
Couple with their dog in Deep Ellum (Dallas, TX). Photo by Gernelle Nelson
Couple searches map for their next vacation destination. Travel photos by Gernelle Nelson
Man proposes to his girlfriend at the Shops at Legacy in Frisco, TX. Photo credit: Gernelle Nelson
Beautiful black couple have a private meeting before their wedding ceremony. Elopement photo by Gernelle Nelson.
Newlywed couple right after their wedding. Elopement photo by Gernelle Nelson.
Beautiful family photo at outdoor elopement in Golden, MO. Elopement photo taken by Gernelle Nelson.