Big weddings are not for the faint of heart. 

You’ve got to get up early, get dressed, make sure all of your arrangements are set, take photos with your family and then have your ceremony. Then it’s back to jumping into limos, cutting the cake, making speeches, throwing the bouquet, posing for group shots and strolling through a receiving line before speeding off in a getaway car. By the end of the night, the newlyweds are exhausted and longing to escape from this ‘best day ever’. Worst of all, most couples only spend about 30 minutes alone together on their wedding day. 

After photographing 55 traditional weddings, I too was exhausted.

Documenting a traditional wedding meant trying to create magical moments in 10 minute intervals as not to interfere with an overbooked timeline. I had to sweet talk large groups of hangry people for after ceremony portraits and dodge excited guests armed with smartphones. People would bombard the bride with questions while she was being photographed and my time with her would be cut short. Everything felt rushed for my clients and myself. Often times, I’d whisk the newlyweds away from the crowd mid reception, not to photograph them but to let them sit in solitude for a few minutes of peace. Something had to change.

So I’ve stopped photographing big weddings.

I only capture intimate ceremonies and elopements. When a couple elopes or shares the day with a handful of loved ones, they are free to enjoy the day, not survive it. There's no pressure to perform. Not big crowds to please. No rushed agenda. These smaller celebrations allow me to focus on all of the spontaneous, authentic and intimate exchanges between people in love. The magic doesn’t have to stop there. You can book me to capture your honeymoon or romantic getaways too.

If you’re eloping or having an intimate wedding, we need to talk.

Let’s meet up. I’ll show you how I will preserve and protect your wedding memories and answer any questions you have. I want to truly understand how you enjoy your lives together so I can create authentic, relaxed images that you’ll love. If I don’t feel like a good fit for your plans, there’s no hard feelings. Contact me now to schedule an in person meet up with me.