Find a good spot with your photographer

Proposing is a grand gesture that should be thought out so you can make it special for your partner. After you’ve hired me as your photographer, you’ll want to choose the perfect spot to pop the question. Think of places that mean something to the two of you. Where did you first meet or say I love you? If the places that come to mind don’t fit your vision for the big moment, ask me about scenic areas on my suggestion list or we'll go scouting together. Eddie loved the views of the park near the Shops at Legacy and decided that he’d propose there.

Research the weather and location for special events and displays

Eddie called ahead to the Shops at Legacy to find out what day they’d be lighting their 30 foot tree so he could include it in the background of his proposal images. He and I paid close attention to when the lights on the other trees came on so we could estimate where to go after his proposal. Eddie picked out a day during the week as to avoid large crowds and lessen the chance of people walking in front of my camera while he proposed. After taking several test photos, we bumped up his arrival and proposal time by a day and an hour to ensure good natural lighting. It also helped us evade rain and cold weather.

Dress well and get them to do the same

Attire can make or break a romantic photo. Since you’re getting this proposal on film, you’ll want to give Bae a reason to dress up without giving yourself away. Tell them your’e taking them on a date and ask them to wear something nice. This way, they will treasure the photos all the more because they took the time to dress the part without even knowing it. Eddie told Carissa that they were going on a dinner date on the day of the proposal and she showed up looking photo ready. The rest was up to Eddie.

I followed behind them at a safe distance so Carissa wouldn’t notice me taking a few images of them together. Once they came near the spot we’d chosen a few days prior, I looped around some trees and waited for them to walk over. Eddie told Carissa that he had a surprise for her but she had to close her eyes first. That was my cue to kneel down just out of sight and capture the big moment. Things couldn’t have gone any better. Carissa excepted his proposal and showered him with affection. She didn’t even notice me standing a few feet away until Eddie motioned towards me. We walked around and took some photos near the Christmas tree and big lake. Then, after hugging them both and wishing them well, I headed back towards the car and they, hand in hand, made their way to a nearby restaurant for that dinner date that Eddie promised.

If you plan on proposing to the love of your life and want it captured on camera, text or call me to start planning at 972-364-7815. I’ve got plenty of locations that I can suggest as well as creative ways to make the day a little more special. Let’s make this a day they’ll never forget.