My mantra for photography is 'capture something real'. As I've mentioned in other posts, I don't want to be just another girl taking generic photos of people at the park. I want to tell stories. I want to show people in action, having experiences. I want to travel and show people how to think outside of the traditional portrait. But how?

I've been in a constant state of reflection for the last couple of days. Most of my thoughts have revolved around creating better images and stretching myself artistically. With 2020 making its debut, I figured I'd challenge myself to take a photo every day this year. My goal is to improve my eye for perspective, make ordinary moments feel extraordinary, and inspire my clients for their own sessions. While I started with a pic of myself, I'm not sure if I'll be in every image or not. But a person or people will definitely be featured in every shot.

1/365 2020 - Tonight, I ventured out into the cold to capture the glowing lights of downtown Plano. My ears felt like ice cubes in the end. Can you tell I'm freezing out there? Sacrificing warmth for fashion and a pic isn't for chumps!

My 365 video challenge

Aside from taking a photo everyday, I'm going to post a short video every single day on my Youtube channel and Facebook. The quickest way to be known is to put something out into the world where people can find it. My hope is that I'll become a better story teller, share the ups and downs of my business journey and capture some amazing moments in between. I'm pretty excited to take these challenges on in 2020. I'm also a little worried that I'll slack off, forget sometimes or even get bored with this stuff. But the whole point of projects like these is to create a regimen, sharpen my creative perspective and improve my overall skills.